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Favorite Car Color

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Since I'm on the topic of favorites today, what's your favorite car color? I love black, but it depends on the car.
Black looks better on sporty cars.

But for some cars, like my old corolla, I think blue looks better.

What about you guys?
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blue (navy blue) but im liking the black look due to the alltrac.
dark green..... really dark that it almost looks black

also the bold blue that's on wrx's and m3's
blue or silver for me, but really it depends on which car too
nissan's daytona blue...on the 350z
I'm a fan of Baby's (cashmoney) new color that he used on like six of his cars. I think it is black emerald pearl, definitely want this when i paint my car....
^^^^^^^^any pics of that color?
red is more of a typical color to me. But i love black/white car themes. The classics always looks the best. That and that 350z blue , civic SI blue
black or dark charcoal grey :)

I likes mine-spectra blue mica
white cars, black or dark grey trucks/SUV
dark green and pearl white.
silver metalic leaf green but soon i will add pearl to that color scheme;)
Electric Blue, Sky Blue, Gloss Black, Blood Red, Moroon.

But really it all depends on the car
Dont think i'll be able to get pic, but he was interviewed on Riding with Funk Master Flex like 2wks ago, thats where i saw the black emerald.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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