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feel bad for me

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the city of memphis decided i cant work on my celica in my driveway.
so they towed it
any one got a spare??
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why would they do that?
...isn't your driveway private property?

"damn government! always after the little guys"
that friend and I changed his head gasket at the back of his building..and no one said shiit..
go to the city with the title to the car and prove that its your own property. i think they towed it BC they think you where runing a biz out of your house. and the nabors complaned. at any rate find out why it was towed, and i mean why it REALY was towed (AE under what law/ordinace) and then get a lawer and sort it out. if it was perfictly legal your going to have to pay money.

i dont know tho and im not a lawer, and this is just cashual advice to a member of a public intrest groop. (dont ask i had a frend get introuble with saying stuff that he got taken to cort for, it was thrown out but im saving myself the trouble.)
its alredy been sent to the crusher
so now im looking to buy a 77 celica
wish me luck
They tow it when you're not home? They can't just destroy citizen's property that way!!!!!
Unless your car don't even have licence and you park it on public road for a really long time.
there's no way that they will tow your car and send it to the crusher...most they will do is impound your vehicle...if they did destroy your car without letting you can sue them for lots of money...
If you actually own that vehicle and you have the title, whoever made that call is in deep sh_t. I have never heard of any law in the United States that allows a municipality to tow or remove any personal property from someone's domicile and destroy it without due legal course.
Even if the car was illegally parked, and it was towed, you still have at least 10 days to claim your property from the pound.
Sounds to me like someone there is putting one over on you.
Even if they didn't give you the opportunity to recover it, they would most likely auction it off, not destroy it, unless it were a severe health hazard or something like that.
here is the story
the city didnt crush it
my dad did. we had no place to put it so it wouldent get towed again. i had the title and it was sitting in my driveway when it was towed. we got it back and got the stereo out (plus some other usefull items) after that it was sent to the crusher.
so thats that
i might get a truck now
an old "yota"
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