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feeler for a VEGAS TN/SOLARAGUY meet

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seeing what u guys think... it would be maybe late may to mid june time..
a weekend trip for most...

would anyone be down for a drive there

NORCAL guys we can setup a caravan of drivers that would be willing to drive for those who dont want to...
keep in mine most of the stuff out there is for 21+ not 18 lol....

whatchu guys think? any input is welcomed even if it is negative... this would mean everyone would have a bit of a drive to get there....
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I don't know about may or june. But, I'll be in Vegas next month for the consumer electronics show (CES). :)

And its a long ass drive. 11 - 12 hrs from Sacto.
yah for you.. drving what 65 lol..

i do it in ohh 6.5 hours at around 95 lol
^ Always being an ass. :slap:

And I never said I was driving, just that its a long ass drive. I'm flying. ;)
hahaha u know u love us joe...

next hooters meet is in january.. dunno where at though lol
You should all come to vegas, there aren't many meets that involve out of staters. Also if you plan on comming out, plan it for a weekend Midnight Mayhem is going on. It's drag racing down at the speedway on the drag strip (dua). It would be SOO awesome concidering theres never any toyotas out there, except for a few MR2s and my Camry! :( only [email protected] 76mph.
HEY... I'm moving to vegas after May!! Maybe...
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