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Feels nice to be back guys!

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sup ppls! for those of you who remember me, knew how much I loved my '87 3sge. man...what i would do to have it back right about now. I miss coming to all the meets and cruises (from back in 2002). Anyways, the point of me posting this is that i'm looking for the same car again. 1987 celica gts coupe, 5 spd. If you have one and want to get rid of it...send me an e-mail [email protected].

Ali G.
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oh yea....forgot to tell you guys that I live in Toronto! :D
My friend has an 88 gts....let me know if you're interested..
i got a 87gts, will tell me if your interested and will send pics and more information
thanks for your reply guys, I actually want more information on both cars, please e-mail all info possible to [email protected]

Ali G
well my prom is tonight, so will email you on saturday.. peace
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