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Fender Bender

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I was washing my truck at my dads office building in the garage when i had to move it to let someone out and hit a wall. I was riding the brake but apparently either let go of it or tapped the gas and had a small impact on the front left bumper. It only pushed the front bumper in and broke the headlight tabs. The collision centers want over 1200 bucks to refinish the bumper, new headlight, and bend the fender back aliitle bit. Does anyone have a left headlight they want to sell or something. Ill get pics up as soon as I get back home.
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Get them pics up.

Also, why not go with an aftermarket bumper? You could get a real nice one and maybe a winch for $1200.
yuppers go with a aftermarket bumper..

the stock one, may look good. but offers absolutly no protection what so ever.

i think the whole assembly is less than 25pounds

good luck with the repair.

go after market man, if not, fix your own bumper like I did, cost me ~$100. There are always people selling their bumper on ebay after getting aftermarket ones put on. Headlights are like a dime a dozen on ebay too.
here are the pictures I promised everyone...

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Damn dude that sucks!!! I did that to my 99 but I had to get out and pull the fender away from my tire so I could drive, pretty funny site ( me pulling not the big ass dent) Hope you get it fixed soon and good luck deciding on what to do!
anybody have a used white front bumper they want to sell? or a left headlight with working tabs?
I say get out your rattle can, a good buffer, rubbing compound, a clean cotton cloth and a case of bud and you'll be all set....
anybody have a used white front bumper they want to sell? or a left headlight with working tabs?
ebay may be your best source for a headlight... I doubt anyone here will have just one headlight. there was a bumper for sale in the "for Sale"'d have to have it painted though.
where is that plastic piece between your headlights and bumper? and you headlights will mount fine with 2 to 3 tabs. Bumper comes off easy with a few bolts and clips if you want to really work on it.
i have that plastic piece that goes under the light, one tab broke off so i might have to buy one of those as well. I want the oem look so aftermarket is not a option. what can i do to save some labor that the collision centers are going to charge?
^ if you want it painted, just let the body shop do the painting. Leave everything else to yourself. its way easy to reinstall the bumper. If you wanna really save money, sand and prime it yourself before taking it to get painted.

I painted my bumper myself, but it was a lot of work.

get that plastic tab off trdparts4u, they'll have it cheap
i just got back from a place that showed me the bumper and that the tabs are broken so I need a new bumper, headlight, that plastic piece, and another plastic peice that the bumper mounts to. He told me that if i got all the parts he would paint the bumper and bend the side fender back into place. So now i need a new light and a super white bumper or an unfinished one.
sucks you don't want an aftermarket bumper, you're going to spend more to make it factory again.
what are some of my options for an aftermarket bumper then?
I'd rather keep the oem look as i dont do any off-roading with my truck. anyone have a white bumper for me?
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