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To celebrate Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary, Ferrari has released its most exclusive vehicle ever – the SA Aperta. The name itself is in honor of Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina and just 80 of the vehicles will be built – all of which have already been sold. For the record, that’s just a fifth of the production of the notoriously rare Enzo.

Power comes from the same engine found in the 599 GTO, with 670-hp on tap from Ferrari’s incredible 6.0-liter V12 engine. In addition, Ferrari claims their engineers managed to remove the roof of the car, while retaining the structural rigidity and adding only a “negligible” amount of additional weight.

The body itself features a lower windscreen than the 599 and has a lowered suspension, while the two rollbars mimic the design of the seats and flow backwards into two aerodynamically designed bulges.

Ferrari will officially debut the SA Aperta at the Paris Auto Show, so be sure to check back for AutoGuide’s complete coverage starting September 30th.
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