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I gonna get my silver ACV40 mid March and am already building my mod list :naughty:

Mine will be a Japanese version as I reside in Hong Kong so not sure if that's gonna be different with what you guys discuss here... Anyhow, a few questions re my potential mods:

1. i'll definitely get lowering springs as stock looks like a shopping cart with high back & low front. TRD and H&S are my options but no one is selling either of them in HK. I was once told that Japanese-version Camry uses different springs than Camrys in the states so I should not buy from US, is that true? If not, which credible online shop would you guys recommend? I just want to have an even gap in the wheel well for cosmetic effect, not necessary to get it real low since bottom out is my main concern;

2. i find 18" rims fit this car but am not sure about the tyre size. I read from you guys that 225/45/18 is safe to have (no rubbing etc.) but this is actually a smaller tyre compared to the stock 215/60/16. Mine will be an I4 so won't have much power for wide wheels. If I want to keep 215-225 as width, what's the max aspect ratio I can go for without any rubbing issues? Also, what's the ideal offset?

3. have you seen anyone modding white LEDs for the steering wheel buttons? is there a how-to pic post?

4. i also read from you guys that changing the front grille requires taking off the whole bumper. just wonder if anyone did it without having to remove the bumper?

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