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Few Questions that need answers

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Alright forum sages, I've got some questions (obviously); Some background: '09 Tacoma Reg Cab 4x4 silver streak with black fender flares/bumpers etc... #1: Considering new tires and narrowed it down to BFG ATs, General Grabber AT2s, Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs... Opinions?
#2: I took off the mudflaps for a little more aggressive look, but I'm contemplating putting them back on because I love that the rears say "4x4" on them and my ego likes that haha. Leave 'em off or put 'em back on?
#3: Squeaky damn leaf springs: I took it to the dealership where they supposedly installed a spacer to eliminate the squeaking, but 3 months later, it's worse than before... Anyone got any cheap DIY fixes?
Thanks in advance.
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Not a sage, but I'll give you my $.02.

1. Love the BFG ATs, but depending on size you might only be able to get the heavier 10 ply tire. I have no experience with the General Grabber, love the look of the Duratrac and most reports are positive. I am personally leaning toward Firestone Destination ATs or Bridgestone Revo 2s.

2. I left my mudflaps on because our paint is so easy to chip. I actually trimmed mine so they weren't so comically long. That means mine doesn't say 4x4 - so that might not be your thing. I like to think now I'm running "stealth 4x4".

3. My rear leaf springs didn't start squeaking until I was out of warranty. I changed my oil a month ago and when I was under the truck I just sprayed a bunch of WD40 on the area that was squeaking. Hasn't made a peep since - but I'm aware this will have to be repeated periodically.

I've been doing the WD-40 thing for a while and that worked, but now it doesn't do anything for me. Looks like it's gonna be BFGs for me.
Leave the rear mudflaps will keep you from throwing rocks at drivers behind you. Take the fronts off and get some stepbars or sliders. The stepbars/sliders will protect your paint. I love my DuraTracs.
I know some guys are running 10-ply rated (load range E) tires without complaints, but I can't convince myself that I want anything stiffer or heavier than load range C. If BFG made All-Terrains in 265/70 and 265/75 in load range C, I bet they'd sell gobs of them. If only they would listen....

Dark Taco mentioned leaving the rear flaps on to prevent flinging rocks behind you.... good advice imo, and may even save you some legal problems as a result.

Never had the squeaky springs so I can't help you with that.
#2: Do what you want! Whatever makes you happy is best.:thumbsup: I prefer mine off even though I had them on for almost 5 years. As far as other concerns related to this, it won't stop any rocks from getting flung behind you. Besides, even the American-made vehicles don't have mudflaps (well, a few do now but most don't and neither do the SUV's which have the same rear clearance behind the tires). Our mudflaps are just too high to stop rocks from flying out of the tread at pavement level. All they do is keep dirt/rock/mud off the rear fender. But I will say that with all the rock flinging I do (AT Tires will do that), I've only gotten a couple chips behind the missing front flaps (and I even got one with the mudflaps on) and absolutely ZERO on the rear. In fact, I still get more rock chips on the hood than anywhere else!

#3: You first need to spray them out really good (power washer or strong garden hose pressure). Let them dry. Then spray them with chain lube, not WD40. WD40 is NOT a lubricant, only a water displacer (that's what the WD in the name stands for) even though we tend to use it for that purpose because of its thin penetrating properties. Chain lube will penetrate like the WD40 but actually contains a lubricant. It also tends to stick around longer (this is what I use on my mountain bike chain because it's designed to help keep the dirt out). I was spraying mine at least twice a year with the WD40. Once I did some research, I switched over to the chain lube and learned first-hand that it lasts over a year before they start squeaking again. And that's with a lot of driving on dusty/dirty forest roads in the summer and rain/snow in the winter.
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i just put on d series 2657017 bfgatko...6 ply...great for the 5100's just arrived and will be installed soon..i replaced 2656517 revos, great tires..will run them again(my 4th or fifth set of bridgestone at's)...i would be hesitant to run the 10 ply tires...6 plys are rough enough...if u want truck to run more like normal, get revos, if u want more agressive ride and lift, get bfgatko..really both top of the line tires with very distinctively different rides...

bfgatko info

2656517 only 10 ply
2657017 10 or 6 ply

be sure and check if 6 plys are available in the size u want...lots are running 10 plys but they gotta be pretty rough..the 6's are rough enough for me...

when u go from original type tires to revos u loose 1-1.5 mpg, when u go from revos to bfgatko u loose another 1-1.5 mpg...
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Will a 265/75/16 fit on my stock wheels? Basic Tacoma 5 spoke...
^^ Yes, absolutely. That's a very common upgrade from stock size tires, and your 16x7 rims are within the recommended range for 265/75 tires.
Thanks splicer. Anyone know the height difference between the TRD Off Road and regular 4wd? Also, any verdict on the mudflaps... On or off?
Thanks splicer. Anyone know the height difference between the TRD Off Road and regular 4wd? Also, any verdict on the mudflaps... On or off?
IIRC....... I have read that the TRD version is 2in taller. Front flaps off. Leave the rears on.
Maybe so.... I don't know for sure, but I always thought they were the same height. I know the springs are different (linear on base SR5 vs progressive on OffRoad) and shocks are different, but shocks don't support weight so they don't affect ride height -- but I believe the ride height is the same. Hmmmmmmm......
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