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few questions...

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hey guys i am new to the whole toyota scene... so heres my questions... does anybody else other than CUSCO make an LSD for the 1986 corolla GTS 16v? also if i need to put a new motor in it what would be a good motor to put in it... would the new celica gt-s motor work i think its a 1zzge is that right... sorry please help and dont be rude just because i am uneducated i have been honda loyal for over 6 years now... and need something a little more fun and less expensive and well the corolla is a perfect autocross car i just need an lsd and new motor... thanx for the help
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TRD and Kaaz also make LSDs for the AE86.

As for the engine swap there are many options. I've heard of the mustang 5.0L being droped into a Corolla GT-S before. It all really depends on how much your willing to spend. The easiest replacement is the engine that was already in the car, the 4A-GE. Because it was the engine that came with the car little work is needed. Where as other engines may require custom work. More popular swaps seem to be the 4A-GZE (supercharged version of the 4A-GE) or a 20v 4A-GE. But it all really depends on your budget.
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