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1. Unscrew the driver's 4 seat bolts then tilt the seat back to gain access to the wires connected to the seat underneath. Cut their wire wrap to gain access to the wiring then cut the two wires & trim off 1/2" of their insulator to expose the bare wires. Tie the two wires together & wrap them in electrical tape then tuck them back into their cover and reinstall the seat.

2. Remove the screw on the driver's door ajar sensor on the pillar and disconnect it's connector plug from the socket, then tuck the plug into the sensor's hole and reinstall the sensor back onto the pillar.

Now you will have no more aggravating dingers to hear!

Minor notes: This will disable the overhead dome light from automatically turning on when you open the driver door if you have the light set to do it but the light can still be manually turned on if needed and in my case I never use the auto setting anyway so it's no issue for me.

This will also prevent the armed Securikey system from knowing if the driver door is opened but that is no issue as the system would be triggered by the motion sensor when someone tried to break the window to gain access to the locked door knob and pull it up so they could open the door.
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