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Finally A Real Truck!

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I was in the market for an 09 Tacoma TRD, and Im extremely happy that I could not afford it! I found an 06' double cab XSP Tundra with 33k miles for $18.5! This truck is MINT! I cant believe the power that the 4.7 puts out, I have to be careful on the pedal otherwise Im spinning the tires. Another amazing plus is the interior, its comparable to a Cadillac if not nicer, extremely plush! :clap: This is my first Toyota, owned a 97 Dodge Ram and a 02 Ram and have found that you cannot even try to compare them to this Tundra. My 02 Ram had a 4.7 litre in it and compared to the 4.7 in my XSP, the Ram was more like a 1.5 litre. It had enough power to move the wheels, but thats about it. The Ram never got better than 14.7MPG and the XSP is getting close to 19!!! Dodge is definitely SH*T compared to this truck, Im more than happy, plus I have a 100k mile Bumper to Bumper warranty to go along with it!!! Im sorry to admit it, but American trucks have more than a long way to go to try to catch up with Toyota! :thumbsdow
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