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Finally got some pics...

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I have been saying I'd post some good pics for a while now, well...I did. Friend came over with his '99 5vze 5speed extended cab 4wd, and I told him we'd take some pics and he was down for it. Mine as most may know is a 92 22re 5 speed reg cab/bed lowered 4" in the rear and 4.3" in the front. She rolled over 117,000 the other day! Woot!

Probably the best picture.

Still not low enough.

And to think, I was going to have meats wider then his under my truck!

Another good picture. I love the rear of my truck in this, and the rake it has!

Friends '99 x-cab 5vze 5 speed with about 183k on it! :eek:

My '92 22re 5 speed with little over 117k

The carnage to my roll pan (beaten out some since), and my rusted ass tailgate! :sosad:

JL Audio 250/1 amp.

JL Audio 8W7 in custom enclosure.

My Pioneer DEH-P9600MP head unit.

My '92 with the dads '87 huntin truck. Peep the spinnas! :naughty:

My interior with 4runner buckets and custom sub box. Little dirty right now!

Friends '99

Rear shot of the '92 and '87.

Not a bad front shot of the yotas.

She's quite a bit lower then that '87.

And thats all folks! Hope ya like em! Geeze, now I don't have to post any for months. This should hold you guys over!
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very nice man. only 117k?? wow, you got a really young one on your hands! that thing hasnt even hit hit the teenage years yet!!! mines about to roll over 204k and thats still not that much.

Yea, we bought her back in november of '04 with 99,204. We didn't get it tagged until May of '05. Been driving it ever since. I've almost put more miles on my truck then my dad has in his '87. He's put right about 18k. His truck is a lot better. NEVER had a problem with it. Gas and oil is all...well and a windshield washer bottle. :)
i wish my truck was like that. the guy who had it before me had the entire truck rebuilt by an idiot and he messed up a bunch of stuff. now i have to fix it all! plus the guy isnt around anymore so i cant make him do it.

nice yota carbon, are u gonna lower the back a lil more cuz it does look higher than the front or do you like the hot rod look? And damnit u lucky ass has a/c! man i still wish i had a/c but o well! n ur pops yota looks and sounds like in great shape! but i still got you guys beat on miles 207k on my 3vz! but great lookin yota carbon!
looks like mine cept cleaner and with buckets and better looking and less body damage

Your funny! I can almost guarantee your paint and body is nicer.

But the have no idea. I can't even explain the problems. I'll get ya some pics of whats wrong with mine!

Shoes- I am HIGHLY debating lowering the rear some more. 5" blocks are only 40 bucks...but I'm just too lazy to do it at this point. Plus, the question that arises is will I have enough clearance between the axle and frame. I'd HATE to have my axle slamming into the frame! But 40 bucks...if I don't like them, they shouldn't be too hard to sell.

I think I'll order em here soon! :)
all this talk about lowering. LIFT IT!!!!!

Don't worry Cam, I will when I take the lowering kit out!

I'll lift it back to stock! :lol:
Nice truck, and those seats do like tempting.
go with the 5" blocks fo sheezy. IMO it looks alittle goofy with the rake on it.
holy christ W7! how does that thing sound in your single cab man? nice truck btw. just lose the hubcaps man. for 2wd yotas i like the sr5 alloys they look realy good when their cleaned up.
O it sounds pretty damn good alright. People are shocked at the price tag ($399), but it's worth every penny if space isn't available. It sounds MUCH better with both windows down, as the box is sealed. You can actually see the back of the cab and glass move 1/4" or more when a good hard and long bass hits. It makes both seats feel like they are massage seats. This sub in a rx7 has hit 130db's before with my amp. Thats really impressive for an 8". Hell, thats impressive for any single sub. I haven't found a good DB meter yet, but am looking for one to measure 140+ db's. My setup would cost a pretty penny if bought all at a store (I have 100 dollar RCA cabels I got for 40 on ebay!), but I used ebay to buy the wiring and the amp. I bought the sub in store for 320 which got me a 60 dollar gift card torwards my box, and 15 dollar an hour price cut on labor for the box. Box cost me 214 when done, and it fits perfectly in between the seats.

I do want to lose the hubcaps, but I can't find anything worth my time or money for cheap. The hubcaps aren't bad, I just keep them clean. I actually have people ask me when I got rims when they see it far away :lol:
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