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The only aftermarket suspension part that fits the 09-13 Matrix AWD/XRS / 09-10 Vibe AWD/GT is the TRD front strut brace. The TRD lowering springs will work too, but give a significantly lower drop than they do on a Base. The 09+ AWD/GT/XRS have Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) vs the Base that has a torsion beam rear. They also already have a rear sway bar from the factory. The rear struts are completely different as I found out. I ordered the "correct" rear struts per KYB's site, only to discover they were the ones for a Base. To give an idea of just how different they are, here are the specs...

#340017 (AWD/GT/XRS)
• extended length: 13.79
• compressed length: 10.89
• stroke length: 2.9

#340018 (FWD)
• extended length: 17.02
• compressed length: 12.57
• stroke length: 4.45
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