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Finally my truck with pictures

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Well its about time they came in, my spacers came in so I could get these wheels on. I didnt like the look of the wheelers I went with a cragar soft 8. They look sweet on the truck and I love the look of them.

Ive had the truck for a month and have done the following since
Autopage 720lcd remote start alarm
20% tint all around (over stock tint too)
Aries Black Nerf Bars
16x8 Cragar Soft 8s
265/75/16 Firestone Destination A/T's
Airbox mod
front mudflaps removed

I think it needs a lift, but am holding out for the OME lift or ill just do the toytec spacers

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looks sweet. I should have bought an Excab
Not gonna lie, you should have... I throw so much shit back there
you already know i like it. :) we gotta get together for a photo shoot sometime.

Zach said:
Not gonna lie, you should have... I throw so much shit back there

Im gonna rnd up spening 1300$ on a cap anyways. I do like one thing about my regular cab. I can park it pretty easy. No 2-3 turns like my old 95 Ex cab.
Cragar 8 Spacers??

Hey yes I'm following you around the internet. What spacers did you get to put the Cragar 8's

I'm want to put on 17x7's

It's been tough getting feedback for this set up
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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