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Hello from MA!

just signed papers for a used 09 corolla xrs (manual, which was hard to come by ) from dorchester,ma
black with 14k
bought the car for 14.8
the car is toyota certified so i get 100k or 7yr limited power/tran warranty!!! (i think its worth buying a used car now:D )

before this car was a 89 honda crx (manual )

before that I had a 03 Corolla S (auto)

I didn't took any pics of the xrs yet because I am waiting for toyota dealership to detail the car
but I sure did took pics of my old corolla and crx!!

picture of my new xrs coming soon promise!!

quick question, can I use Doc. Isotope short throw shifter into the xrs? I know the tc and xrs share the same engine

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:welcome: to the nation! I think you're going to fit right in with our Corolla members.....:smokin:

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Welcome to Toyota Nation! :D

I bet the Corolla was quite a big step up from the CRX. There's an abundance of information here, so feel free to browse around and get used to everything. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your XRS :cool:

Enjoy! :chug:
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