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How much was your HID setup? It looks awesome.
Your dash looks awesome too.
Interior is awesome. Cool pedals and CF short shifter?

I liked the montigi's but they kind of need to be bigger.

Any plans on lowering/suspension setups?

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HID cost 500 CND... The best money I spent ever...

Rims are 16 inchs and if I put in 17s, the tire will be very low profile and I risk bending my rims... some likes to take this risk, I don't.

As for suspension, I would really love to. Everytime I go to track and can't keep up with the civics because they got good shocks, makes me want to put down 1500 dollars for a set. But, I think I will spend this money for my next car... and I will look for nothing but power.

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Looks good, love the HID's. Suggestions: Chop the shift lever, and I believe there are some stock red/clear tails out there that would look pimp.
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