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thought 1:
use the search bar. this has been covered a million times, and I think it's even stickied.

thought 2:
fast, cheap, reliable. you can have any two.

thought 3:
if having turbo 5s's was cheap, there'd be more out there. You need to be a decent-level tech, have wiring and diagrams for both cars, parts for both cars, a welder, a lift, and a zillion smaller parts to do this well at all. oh, and engine management of some sort.

Thought 4:
Toyota made the FE to go a quarter million miles. Toyota made the GTE to push 500hp. The block is the only similarity. Drop a junkyard motor in the other one and be happy your car isn't going to be perpetually broken.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.