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Finest Gen3 In The World for Sale on eBay

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Well, that's what the guy's add says anyway. :)

I think he may be exaggerating just a bit.

Does look like a pretty nice '93 V6 XLE if anybody is in the market though....and only
50k miles on the odo.
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That DOES look nice! I need another car..but dont have the money right now. Gotta wait for taxes :(
I'd like to buy it myself, but I already have 1 car for every driver in the house and 2 of them are Camrys. Don't think the wife would probably go along with an extra Camry just for the fun of it. Of course, I could always take the angle of buying it to replace my teenager's I4 LE with 140k miles. That would be a nice upgrade for him. Then I'd have 2 V6 XLEs to play with.:cool:
it fails for the 2 tacky wood trim pieces......
and are those 14s on a v6? the wheel gap is HUGE!!!
You're mistaken... that's a Camary. Not a Camry...
The interior looks awesome! I wish my '94 looked that nice, haha
it fails for the 2 tacky wood trim pieces......
Yeah, that would be coming out immediately if I were buying it. I like some or the darker wood dashes if you have a tan interior, but that really light colored wood is not my thing, especially in a grey interior.

They're putting dash kits about that color in all the new '08 XLEs in my area. Bleh! Just personal taste I guess.

And, if you were going to do a wood dash, why would you only do those two pieces. On the bright side, whoever buys it will only have to rip out two pieces instead of an entire 13 piece kit.

Still, looks to be in great condition for a 93.
damn 50 k on the clock.. if i had the money and it was local, i'll snag that up.
:loove: That is a cherry of a car!
:loove: That is a cherry of a car!
thats damn clean for a 93....oem BBS wheels and gold package as well! and full leather interior on XLE
someone scoop this up! its a good buy
looks like most other 3rd gens that have been cleaned, nothing special though, really.

and how can he have 14 inch rims on v6 brakes? clearance issues?
That car looks familiar.

Looks like one of the guys here who had their Camry rear-ended before.
looks like most other 3rd gens that have been cleaned, nothing special though, really.
The Camrys where you live must be a lot nicer than the ones around here. In my area it would be pretty rare to see a Camry in that condition with only 50k miles on it. Most of the ones I see have 150k+ miles and have lots of door dings at the least. Many of them are just downright trashed.
i wouldn't buy a car from someone who said "Canary" instead of Camry...If he can't tell the difference between a small bird and a car, i don't know that i trust his viewpoint enough to buy a car from him. :lol:
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