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Windsor, Ontario - Alongside the all-new, tenth-generation 2009 Corolla, Toyota has another new model up its sleeve: the equally redesigned 2009 Matrix.

The Matrix is the Corolla in a more cargo-friendly package; the first generation car was introduced in February 2002 as a model-year 2003, and is now entering its second generation. The 2009 version also marks the return of all-wheel drive and the sporty XRS model, last seen in the 2006 version.

Although the Corolla is a global product - it's offered in some 140 countries - the Matrix was designed specifically for North American sales, and it's only sold over here. Not only that, but it's only built in one factory, at Toyota's facility in Cambridge, Ontario; about 25 per cent of production traditionally remains in Canada. As before, the all-new Matrix will also be transformed into the Pontiac Vibe, which happens at the General Motors/Toyota joint venture NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.) in California.

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