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First Previa

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Hello all I just bought my first fixer previa yesterday. Picked up a 91 5spd alltrack with 170,000 on it. I have owned a buch of different toyota's from an 80 celica/supra (first year of the supra). 89 22re 4 runner last year of the removable top. 90 22re 4runner first year of the 4 door, (second kid; family needed more doors), have swaped engines in the runners, and done all kinds of different engine work on them, and now with a 3rd kid on the way I wanted to get what would be the closest to the 22re in a van with a manual tranny. I hope it proves to be even close to as easy to work on as my trusty old 4runners. Having a couple issues now with the previa, but will post in the tech section. I loved having the yota-tech website for the 4runner, hopefully I can find a community simmular here for the previa.
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Sounds like you have quite the history with Toyota!

:welcome: to the Nation!
Nice to meet you :)

I see that you've been a member of these forums for over a year, so I'm glad you decided to take the time to say hi. As you would have seen, there's an abundance of information available here, so I'm sure you'll find the answer to any questions you may have :cool:

Happy motoring! :thumbsup:
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