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i've got a gen5 2003 camry...and a 1990 toyota hiace 2.4L manual sometimes too...its the only rwd car that i drive...

last night i oversteered for the first time in my nearly 4 years of driving. i'll be getting my full license january 2005. i have understeered heaps myself and i have learnt the limits of my camry...:p

i took a left medium corner in the wet in 3rd gear probably like just under 50kph/30mph in 3rd gear...just when i was gonna exit the curve the rear of my van's tail slid out pretty quickly when i gave the car a little gas...tail flicked out to the right probably like 30 degrees...

so the vans tail flicked right after doing the left turn...and somehow the van countersteered right :p: then it went left again...and right again!!! and then it seems to stablise with a medium jolt as the car got traction back lol

the van didn't spin out so what do you people think i was doing with my feet? i wasn't using the clutch for sure lol... i can't really remember if i was stepping on the throttle a little or braking...

i have been drifting 1/10 radio control cars that can do 60kph+...and i have been playing a fair bit of gran turismo 2...etc :p

just wondering how good was i at handling my first oversteer? like does it seem like i have good reflexes for my first oversteer? is it normal for a person to be able to recovery when they oversteer for the first time?...

geezzz i was doing it in a van...not a sedan or sports car :p and i had no power steering too...

i once talked to my friend about how a smaller steering wheel helps you turn faster when drifiting, but he said that the wheels will counter for your once you turn it a my first experience it really does countersteer for you...i felt my vans steering wheel counter and it was very weird...haha

i really need to go to a driver training course:rolleyes:

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You kids are cute :lol:

You too the turn to quick so the rear end los traction and came out. Then when you tried to turn it back, your turned it too far and it when out the other way. Eventually it settled back in.

Your not drifting, you just lost traction. I'd stop before you hurt someone...

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All my life I have been driving FF cars. I dont think I can buy a FR car because Im so used to driving FF layout. If I do buy anything else it will HAVE to be AWD so I can get a little feel for FR but still have the capabilities of FF.

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:confused: :confused: :lol: :lol: :lol: :confused: :confused: :rofl: :rofl:
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