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I was wondering if anyone knew if the 5me and 7mgte exhaust manifolds are interchangeable, as they are with the 5mge? Basically are the 5me and 5mge standard manifolds the same?

I was planning on fitting a turbo with a MkIII or similar front mount intercooler, cold air intake, and a 3inch exhaust. The car has a ported and polished head, but I will get a new cam and have already had the bottom end rebuilt.

What size turbo is suitable for this setup? And what sort of engine management should I use, can the standard setup be modified to suit? Im not looking for heaps of power, maybe into the low 14s. Am I dreaming or is this possible?

Also, are the diff gears in an Auto MkII better for takeoff and acceleration? Or are they the same?

Thanks guys
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