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Floor-mats or floor-liners for our trucks

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Hi. I was wondering if any of you own (or at least know of) any floor-liners or mats the are specifically made for our trucks; check the link for an example, please. I haven't been able to locate (online) any for the '89-'95 pickup or similar Runner.

If there are any, where (in the States, of course) could I get them? Also, what do you think of them? Overpriced? Unnecessary? Alternatives? Thanks a lot for your opinions...

Here's the link:
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The company that your link leads to - MacNeil Automotive Products - is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, so it's a legitimate and probably reliable business.

I got some very nice floor mats from - ACC Cut Pile for $46 for both fronts. They are cut to fit very well, but they didn't have the medium gray to match my truck so I got the charcoal. They're too dark - if I'd seen them first I probably would have kept looking, but they are very nice quality, especially for the price. I'm not sure if rockauto would ship to Costa Rica, but it's worth asking them. They carry other mats, too.
Nice tip. The reason Im asking is because my brother is about to take a trip to the States, so I was hoping for someone to point me to an actual brick store up there, preferebly Orlando. I really lke those that are deep enough so that the dirt, water, waste, etc. all stays in place and are easy to dispose of. The thing about those, is that they fit like a glove to a specific make and model. I dont know how Tacoma mats will fit my truck, for instance. Any other tip will be greatly appreciated...
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