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what up people? i am the effin new guy. i just bought myself a beater prizm. i know its not an actual corolla but whatever. thers no prizm sites

its a '90 with a FE and 5 speed. its needs some work but i got it pretty cheap. its got a fuel leak, so i thinkim going to get this 10 gal fuel cell for it. wich works for me since i think im going to rallyx it this summer and i can play with the weight transfer and shite. the back bumper just fell off yesterday. haha so im off to the junkyard to get that and a front one too since the previous owner for some reason has it welded on crooked. dont ask me.

i only got 30mpg on my first tank of gas. the leak isnt that bad so i got some tuning to do. i put on a new valve cover gasket(the old one was leakin), changed the oil(it was like maple syrup when i poured it out of the filter) and fixed an exhaust leak so far. I have plugs wires and a fuel filter waiting for me at the parts store. I might be looking for some headers and an exhaust later this spring, so if anyone has that stuff layin around hit me up maybe we can work out a deal. i plan on an intake, alot of weight mod and balancing, brakes, posibly a rear to disk conver and some suspension work. i was thinking stock replacement struts and eibachs. i dont want to lower it that much since im running on dirt but these cars suspension is soft as hell.

Thats about it for now, but i do have one Q. im looking for some rims for sale locally that are from 01 corrola. Would they fit. dont have any info on the bolt pattern or hub size. so i was hoping someone on here would know.

Ok two questions. Any idea on what specifications i should be looking for with an inline fuel pump for the fuel cell? kph or psi numbers for me?

thanks and im glad i actually found an online community for this old thing. haha
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