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Fog/ Driving lights of eBay

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I was wondewring about the fog lights that you can buy off eBay, the ones that come with the small switch that you install on the dash beside the coin these lights require professional installation? More importantly to me they come on with the headlights or do you have to manually turn them on or off all the time? Do they shut off with the key if they are on while driving? Also, are they the kind like my Grand prix, where the fog lights go out whenever you flip on the highbeams?
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do u have a link to the fogs? I got a set off ebay that sounds like what ur describing. I installed them myself, but it took about 4 hours (first time doing this type of installation. I could probably do it in half the time now.) As far as them coming on with the headlights, it depends on how u wire them. I have mine directly wired to the battery, so I can turn mine on whenever. I'm going to change this cause I've already forgot to turn them off when getting out of the car. Just need to wire it to the ignition. There's a certain wire that u need to splice it into. The fogs don't go off when u switch them to high beam. If u need some more info or pics, pm me, I'd be glad to help!
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