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I hit a coyote in my 2009 base model Matrix a few months ago and decided to to order the bumper with a spoiler and install fogs. I used the OEM fogs and they look great. It is a stick, and I didn't want to buy and use a stalk for the switch so I wired it to the blank next to the shifter on the left. I have a phone from Toyota run into the right blank.

I ordered a 00550-35976 switch, but it did not fit into the hole after I took out the blank. I want a switch that looks custom, and has a harness so I can get the diagram and wire it into my three existing wires. I had heard an FJ Cruiser switch may work, but I hope to find someone who KNOWS! I have searched and searched the forums and canot find the answer.

In terms of the lights, they are installed currently and on a cheap 3-prong switch which I installed through the old blank.

Does anyone know what switch/harness I can use?


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