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fogged up headlights....

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does ANYBODY and i repeat ANYBODY know how to get rid of the old fogged up look of the of mine is perfectly clear and the other one is pretty faded/dirty lookin on the inside possibly cuz i have tried many cleaners and some scrubbers even an SOS pad from my moms kitchen and still have not found a way to get rid of this...can you take the casing apart and clean the inside!?!? i have tried and it looks like it will crack apart and be damaged if i try an pop it has anyone had this problem before?

it looks really really tacky
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you bould just buy a new set for like $85-95

or an automotive polish of some sort.
before buying any polishes etc, try using regular toothpaste. Try it first and see if it works. i have the same problem too. But havent tried it out yet.
i tried both toothpaste and mother's aluminum polish. they both made a significant diference on my yellowed healights.
search the site this has been asked a few times. i heard good things about using a clay bar or never dull ... i used never dull works rather well.
Anyone know what it is about toothpaste? If it is floride I'll buy paste high in floride, but if it isnt I'll buy the cheapest crappiest toothpaste there is. Anyone know?
^^^ i think i read somewhere that they used just regular toothpaste. So just buy the cheapest one you could find, and try it.
ooo i saw the commercial, u should
flitz it
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do a search, there are many variations on how to do this from baking in an oven to seperate the shell to using aluminium wheel polish. I like that one best, first aluminium polish then cleaner wax. You can toothpaste it later for minty fresh.
Admiral93 said:
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I think you set your oven to 250 degrees and place your headlight on a cookie sheet for about 8-9 minutes. (I dunno, do a search and you will get the answer)

And then you take a razor and cut the glue that holds them together.
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