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Followup EVAP P0441, P0446 and P0420 saga

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Couple months ago, I was working on resolving a CEL on a Corolla

-Money light was on with P0441
-The Filler neck was replaced due to holes
-Engine Bay Purge valve tested out to be defective.

Did my best on the project, but I came to a point where I need to refer this to a shop better equipped. Well that shop, did their work on the smoke machine, and nothing. The owner brought the rolla back, and explained that since then the light goes in and out depending on temperature. The last thing they did was put in a used fuel cap they had lying around. I hooked it to the scanner, and now the CEL is for a P0446 and P0420.

The 446 bring us back to the rear, and I'll be testing it later.

The 420 is interesting, because took it on the highway for a couple tune up jaunts, and magically it went away. However during that drive, its got a leaking exhaust somewhere, because

1) No broken muffler/can sound but the interior has exhaust leaking into it if the HVAC is turned on with exterior air
2) Opening the bonnet, and I can smell the exhaust fumes.

Would the 420 code be as a result of this exhaust leak is my question?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts