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I had started an earlier thread asking where my oil leak was coming from. Thanks to the responses I received it was determined to be from either the oil pump o-ring, shaft seal, or front main seal. I just finished replacing all of these and thought I would share a little of what i found.

All of these seals are accessed from behind the timing belt, so all of the work required to replace the timing belt needs to be done before any of this can start. Since there are several very good threads showing the timing belt procedure I will just skip all of that.

After the belt is removed the oil pump needs to be disassembled. There are 6 (I think) 10mm bolts which need to be removed. I was able to tap the oil pump cover from behind (there is an ear on one side) and the cover loosened up and came off. This exposes the o-ring. Mine was brittle with part of it sticking to the cover and part staying in the groove.

Clean any remaining o-ring from the groove.

Here is a picture of the new o-ring.

And another with the new o-ring in place. I used some bearing grease to hold it in place prior to putting the cover back on.

Before putting the front cover back on I replaced the oil pump shaft seal. I got the old one out by drilling a small hole and putting a screw in and prying out.

And finally I removed the front main seal and replaced it. Used the screw method again to remove the old one. Here is a picture of setting the new seal. I found that a 1 1/2" pvc pipe coupler was just the right diameter to fit the seal. Be sure to protect the crankshaft so you don't damage it.

Last picture is of my fixture for holding the crankshaft pulley in place while torquing the bolt. I found that a 3/4" piece of wood about 3" wide worked well. I drilled three holes, one an 1 1/4" diameter for the socket and two for the 6mm bolts used to bolt it to the pulley. My bolts were too long, hence the little blocks but it was braced off of the lower a arm and worked well.

Let me know if anyone has any questions.


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Sweet! Ill be doing this soon. Bookmarked!

Thanks bro!
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