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For Canadians; Future Shop Nice Job Sat Radio

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To the Canadians here, I have a sat radio (Sirius) and was looking to get it hardwired into the dash of my new Rav 4. My Toyota dealer had checked their price to do this and advised me to go to Future Shop (for the non-Canucks, FS is a big-box electronics store) since the price would be way lower there. And FS guarantees their installs for the life of the vehicle and will stand up to any mistakes if any are made.

I had it done, and its a great job for $80.00. For the 2008 Rav4-ers here, be advised that I was concerned about the antenna being mounted on the dash, since in the past my reception from the dash of either my Camry or my new Rav4 was poor. I wasn't keen on putting the antenna on the exterior (snow, ice, other damage possibilities), so I agreed to have the flat-disc antenna mounted on the dash, passenger side, just ahead of the front pillar where there's a nice little flat spot.

Its working great and my reception is almost always three bars out of three.


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