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FOR SALE 1988 Isuzu I-mark LS TURBO

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The Good:
-292,200 km's
-Very unique car!
-5spd (works super, no grinding
-Turbocharged! YUM!
-FF layout
-Imark RS front bumper and skirts
-Honda CRX Recaro seats (BORO!)
-custom hood with 300zx style scoop
-Tenzo R cold air intake filter on stock inatke pipe
-new front tires
-tinted side windows
-rear tinted window is supplied but not installed (its in a old hatch thats all rusted out

needs e-brake , windshield (supplied but not insatlled) and pass wheel well needs repair(has rust like what some AE86 have in chassis area) Wheelwell to put in is supplied but is better shape tho

not accepting trades unless its a GREAT TRADE

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Proud Ae86 owner.
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comeon guys

it was my first car, its great. Thats why I have 2

its the car if you want to be origional and unique!

and its faster thatn a honda stock vs stock

got smoked by 3 sleeper civics. one had a b18, another had a B16a hi-comp, also a nice eg with carobon hood and konig holes had accord engine .....????? thats what I thought.

the accord thing rolls around stoney creek hamilton area in ontario canada.

cant yell atme for trying. I thought they were stock si with rims!

Gotta love ISUZU! yeah!
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