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For Sale: Trueflow XDi intake for 4th Gen 4Runner/FJ Cruiser (4.0)

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I only had the intake on for 3 days which equalled out to about 100 miles give or take 10. I included a picture of the box to show when the intake was shipped to me so you can see I only had it for a couple days. No issue with the intake, was just a bit too loud for my tastes and my wife concurred so I put the stock intake back on. I will ship the kit to your door for $240.

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Need to post a location of where your item is located please, thanks.
Ok... Item is located in my garage here in Germany. I am in the military.
still for sale

will it fit a 2007 Tacoma TRD? Do you have the part number? and is it still for sale? Thank you very much Grant

You can email me at [email protected]
Intake is sold.
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