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for the 22RE buyer

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im selling the pickup and ive been getting a TON of stupid phone calls. they all seem to think 125k is WAY too many miles, who in their right mind would want to buy a pickup with that many miles!?!?! well i bought a 4runner with 234k then another one with 209k. the latter has a rebuilt motor of course ;).

so basically i just wanted to start a thread that i could link potential buyers to, to come and find links to videos, read our own testimonials about how these trucks treat us right, and learn little facts about the 22RE and to be enlightened about the quality of the motor and why they are making such a wise purchase. especially from us guys who love these trucks.
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i bought my pickup with 140k without even thinking runs strong, and another bonus is the parts for the 22re seem to be relatively inexpensive
my bro has a quarter million miles (250,000) with larger tires which means he actually has about 275,000 or so. Original engine. Blew head gasket 30,000 miles ago. Very reliable. I bought mine with 160k and put 2k on in about 1 month which is a lot for me. I would have bought a truck with 250k miles on it.

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my pops bought a 92 x-tra cab with a 22re with 240,000 km on it, he had it for 6ish years, then gave it to me, its still going with 360,000 km on it now, needed a new head gasket last summer. only problem is the east coast rust monster is getting to it. when i had the head off, the cylinder walls were in great shape, they still had hone marks in them.
bought my '94 4x4 with 100k on the clock. :)
i bought my 94 with 189,000 miles on it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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