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For those with Glass etching

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Anyone have a picture of what the etching looks like on the glass? Is it the vehicle vin number etched on the glass, or is it some other number or sticker?

My dad picked up a 09 on a lease, and the dealer would not budge on the etching fee and made us pay it. When I look on the glass I don't see anything out of the ordinary. I do see a sticker on the car only which says Global recovery something...

Could someone from Ontario or Quebec please post a pic of what the etching looks like. It would be greatly appreciated.

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On mine its a serial # (not the vin) and a telephone # below it, etched in every piece of glass in the lower right corner, i am at work right now but could post a pic when i get home
thanks great, much appreciated.
mine says SEN and then a number.

The company is silent sentinel, and I also wasn't aware at time of purchase this was not necessary. Though, now that I think about it, I should call my insurance company and tell them I have it for a possible lower rate. After all they ask if you have any aftermarket security devices installed.
It's the biggest scam in the book. You are not legally obligated to get it. Most dealers won't let you walk away from the deal for the sake of etching. I had to come home and get called back for them to drop that useless $300 charge, and insurance companies won't give you a discount for it, mine didn't even know what it was.
i got mines thrown in for free, it's like a serial number, i think mine is CM then the's quite visible but not exactly obvious, it's more visible at a certain light angle

and i got a very small insurance discount off of it...something in the neighborhood of less than 10 bucks off a month lol but o well, i believe if ur windows are etched and ur car gets stolen or something there's a protection program that offers you some type of refund, i totally forgot what the deal was lol as you can tell i didnt pay much attention to anything else other than the car when i bought it...
I negotiated an out the door price and I was supposed to have this on the windows but its not there even though I paid for it, the sticker is there but no etching that I see atleast and on the bill it says I paid, so I don't really care, if it gets stolen I get insurance money + $4000 to a new toyota because of the insurance that it included with globali.
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