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I know this is a toyota forum but you guys have aways been helpful in the past. i have a 02 Ford tarus the check engine light wont go off, i ran the OBD-II code and got P1633. the scaner its self said

manufature control
auxilary input
auxilary output

and when i looked up the code it says

"ECM Keep Alive Memory (KAM) voltage too low

ECM detected the KAM power to the battery was interrupted

1. battery disconnected
2. open or short circuit condition"

I tryed to erase the code but as soon as i turned the car the code came back up. i dont even know where to begin trying to fix this problem.

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Im not going to be much of help but.

Have you replaced fuses lately? read on a mustang where his fuse blew and then he replaced it and it was fine.

i would check the fuses. Especially if you messed with them recently

Im guessing your battery is fine, as thats where i would start.

By the way, i like how no one else would help you because its a ford...
:fuckyou: Fuck them. lol hope i helped.

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DTC : P1633 - Keep Alive Power Voltage Too Low
Description :
Indicates that the Keep Alive Power (KAPWR) circuit has experienced a power interrupt.

Possible Causes :
Open KAPWR circuit
Damaged PCM
Intermittent KAPWR Circuit

Diagnostic Aides :

This is from the Service manual.

My suggestion would be to make sure the connections to the battery are are clean and tight. Same thing with the connections to the altenator.

Disconnect, scrape off any "gunk", wire brush, reconnect and tighten.

If it's the PCM(Power Control Module), it will have to be replaced. Probably best to get the dealership to do the job.

But, I'd imagine you'd see other drivabilty issues if the PCM was the problem.

Good luck.
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