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formula atlantic engine

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okay so I've been doing some reading on the atlantic its got 240 HP that naturally aspirated? I think it is...I never see turbos or SC mentioned.

and can you buy them? how much would they be, where would you get them?
I saw on ToySport that they give you a list of all these parts that are availible through them from TRD....that are apparently in the atlantic engine..... Products/Atlantic.htm

so am I right in thinking that If I buy all these parts install them on my engine that I'll get 240 dosnt seem right so Im gonna say no.

let me know what you guys think.
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Honestly those engine are not for everyday use those formula atlantic engine are racing ONLY !!!. and VVT-i Owns i know a guy that has the formula atlantic cylinder head with has in titanium valves and springs etc.....on his engine and the head along is about $5,000 - $10,000 dollars so if you want one you have to got lots and lots of money example the crankshaft for that engine is $5,358.00 to be sure. oh yeah and prepare yourself to pull down alot after each race meet.
What da?:eek: Are you serious those engines can pull 10,000rpm that is alot of rpm i wonder how that sounds like. that is real f........ rpm. i want one of those :D
Hey guys what if you could get this with a 20v head for a little more power, anymore ideas on how to squeeze every last drop of power out of this engine and keep it N/A? i would realy like to see this engine at 300hp. Remember guys there is always room for performance.
no room???? your talking nonsence buddy i believe it can be it can be done
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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