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I didnt bother to read everyones posts because I know a guy who owns and runs one.

Yes you can buy them, Brand new look for around 10K as mentioned somewhere before here.

Blown and in rebuild able condition 3K from sources I know of

Cranks alone for those are 3K.

Of course you cant drive it day in and day out on the road however NO YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO REBUILD EVERY MONTH OR 6 OR EVEN A YEAR.

That statement and neccesity is solely based on how you drive a motor, that goes with every car. No factory or even modivied motor (excluding botom end modification) will need to worry about a rebuild every 500 to 1000 miles like the atlantics do.

With a new bottom end nore would you. This is due to the limited RPM run on the street by you and me. Atlantics are made to run for sustained periods of time under 10000 RPM. After 2 to 3 hours of that type of running im sure you would agree you would need a rebuild.

If you have any other specific questions post em up.
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