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formula atlantic engine

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okay so I've been doing some reading on the atlantic its got 240 HP that naturally aspirated? I think it is...I never see turbos or SC mentioned.

and can you buy them? how much would they be, where would you get them?
I saw on ToySport that they give you a list of all these parts that are availible through them from TRD....that are apparently in the atlantic engine..... Products/Atlantic.htm

so am I right in thinking that If I buy all these parts install them on my engine that I'll get 240 dosnt seem right so Im gonna say no.

let me know what you guys think.
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You would have to rebuild it often. And a 10k revving engine with the powerband close to redline isnt a very good car to drive in the city.
First of I agree this type of engine would probaly not be a good city car....and if it were you would have to be crazy to red line it all day long....still would be very fun to have a car with this engine...:thumbup:
What da?:eek: Are you serious those engines can pull 10,000rpm that is alot of rpm i wonder how that sounds like. that is real f........ rpm. i want one of those :D
Hey guys what if you could get this with a 20v head for a little more power, anymore ideas on how to squeeze every last drop of power out of this engine and keep it N/A? i would realy like to see this engine at 300hp. Remember guys there is always room for performance.
No room if Toyota can ONLY get it up to 240HP.
You can FI it for more but not NA.
i was talking to my uncle about the atlantic series, and he was saying there are some atlantic 4a's that can rev to 15k!!!! but tehy're carb'ed ITB's i wonder what kinda numbers those babies are pulling (and what the hell kinda crazy dyno u'd need for that!)
You can FI it for more but not NA
The formula atlantic is a TBI.
Flashman what do you mean by "TBI".
Im sure you could get more power outta the atlantic engine..but you would have to go turbo.....but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of formula engines.
AND yeah I would love to hear what one sounds like...I cant seem to find a movie clip anywhere.....ahh well.....
Throttle Body Injection I believe. Or he means ITB, so its hard to FI.
Yea, don't FI the Atlantic engine. Just keep it reving high.
no room???? your talking nonsence buddy i believe it can be it can be done
Cool. I'll believe it when I see it ;)
No offence, just hard to believe any shop could do a better job then Toyota. Getting more HP from a stock engine is one thing, getting even more from a race engine is another.
Is there a power restriction with Formula Atlantic? IF so , that'll why it ONLY got 240HP.
300HP from a 1.6L is monster :cool:
TBI = throttlebody injection, exactly what the Formula atlantic has, 4 throttlebodies with injection. (yeah, well.. I didnt say single point injection, it does have independent throttle bodies). So it IS fuel injected, as you can see it doesnt have carbs.
im gonna have to go with pineapple on the whole horsepower thing...I mean If toyota can only get 240...I cant imagine a weekend garage mechanic can do it...I mean most of the guys who work on these engines have some sort of degree that mere mortals like us could only dream of........
Im gonna have to do more reasearcch on throttle body injectors......not really sure what it does...but cool though keep the info coming!! later dudes!! :D
they are tuned length (all the runners exactly the same length to the valve opening. Well the engine was designed to be raced and was designed by engineers. If you only want the engine to last one pull, you could take out alot more power, but it would be a one time engine. Like some dragsters are, one run and you gotta overhaul the engine.
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