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do any of the college students have a formula sae (society of automotive engineers) team at their school? i bring this up because the team i just joined had their first drive day today and it was pretty cool. they set up a (sort of) figure 8 track and let the new members take out this car

the older members took out last year's car, which they don't have any pics of up but it kind of looks like the 2003 car

anyways, it was amazing. it has a 600 cc engine in a car that weighs right about 500 lbs. unfortunately, there's a restrictor so it only has 80 horsepower, but it still hauls balls. i've never driven anything with that kind of acceleration. it shocked me the first time i opened it up. the '04 car is supposed to do 0 to 60 in 3.2 and pull 1.8 g's on the skidpad.

does anyone belong to another team? or do you go to a school that has it? i would encourage anyone interested in cars (i.e. everyone on tn) to look into it, if for nothing else than to drive the car. here's my team's website


*if the links don't work i might have to change them since i'm on the campus network and am not sure of the off campus website
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