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1. No spam via post or private message.

1a. Spam includes but not limited to: Product or service offerings from a business or organization, including links to Facebook, blogs, other internet forums not associated with Autoguide's suite of forums, Go Fund Me, etc., or self-promotion for profit or not. No exceptions! Products or services using pyramid scheme.

2. No solicitation of any business or commercial websites are allowed (see Rule 1a) except for Official TN Vendors, no exceptions! For more information on how to become a vendor, please click here.

3. Please register only ONCE, if you would like to change your login information please contact Forum Administrators.

4. Forum Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to determine what material is inappropriate and to modify/delete/move inappropriate forum postings without notice. Inappropriate postings include, but are not limited to, racist, profane, threatening, or pornographic material.

5. Forum Administrators/Moderators have the right to modify/ban/remove forum members' information/accounts without notice.

6. Use the appropriate language. Expletives and/or foul language are not acceptable in the general forums. Off Topic and the Supreme forums are exceptions, and an age limit and agreement for usage are required to participate.

7. Absolutely no doxxing! Any revelation of another member's personal information will result in an immediate ban. Members who post their own personal information are discouraged from doing so, and post their information at their own risk.

8. No double-posts or cross-posting is allowed.


10. Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but NO personal attacks. Members will not flame, or else warning will be given and penalty will be served.

11. Watch your action, or you will be given a warning by a staff member. Failure to obey a staff member will result in an infraction or a temporary ban (1-2 weeks).

Group buys can only be made by a Supporting Vendor. No exceptions. Also, threads created with the intent to "prototype," "gauge interest," or any similar intent to solicit members' opinions and/or interest leading to a group buy are considered in the same context as a group buy. Permission must be sought from an Administrator before this type of thread can be posted.

13. All For Sale or Parts Wanted threads will be created in the For Sale section. Any threads or replies to threads made outside the appropriate section will be moved to the correct section without notice, no exceptions.

14. No posting of threads/replies regarding or promoting street racing, drifting, burnouts, how fast you drove above the speed limit, or any other illegal or reckless behavior on public roads. Any post\thread in violation of this rule can and will be locked or deleted without notice. Any attempts to conceal that these activities occurred on public roadways will not be tolerated. For more information regarding this rule please click the following link to read the Expansion on the No Street Racing/Drifting Rule.

15. If the topic does not relate to cars in general, please post it in the "Off-Topic" forum.

16. No pornography/censored photo postings are allowed in public forums or work safe threads.

17. Copyrighted Material: There will be no posts or threads containing a direct link to Toyota Factory Service Manuals. All threads regarding pirating or modifying any copyrighted Toyota material (ie., Entune, Techstream, Techstream Lite, vehicle automation, or safety software, etc.) will be deleted, and Forum Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to determine what material is copyrighted or not. First offense will result in a warning, second a temporary ban, third a permanent ban. Click here to read more about this policy, particularly if you consider it unfair. Links to pirated software of any kind will not be tolerated either.

No threads requesting CARFAX, Autocheck, or other car history reporting services, and this includes and is not limited to any sale, solicitation, donation, or sharing of those services. Please note an exception that CARFAX recalls posted in the Recall (CARFAX) forum are allowed.

19. Do not abuse the Report A Post feature regarding content clearly not a violation of these forum rules. Additionally, please do not abuse the Like feature. Use it a professional way, as it is a good indicator of who helps out in these forums. TN staff reserve the right to determine what is an abuse of this feature per rules 4 and 5 above, and failure to abide by this rule will result in infractions or a temporary ban.

20. Everyone (including Guests, Registered Users, Moderators & Official Vendors) must obey the above rules unless mentioned otherwise.

* Please note there are additional rules that also apply to the forums, and they can be reviewed in the Avatar, Signature, and User Name thread located here. Please take the time to review those rules and guidelines as well, thank you!
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