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Found Aluminum/Alloy wheels for 3.5

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There is a 2 door 3.5 Camry in the junkyard and it has factory aluminum wheels on it (14'). They are not damaged or scratched at all but very dirty and carboned out.

I am getting all four of them for 70 dollars.

Do u think it is a good deal?

The inside caps are missing so I will have to get those. Right now I got hubcaps on my 3.5 DX..... I will need tires in a year and I am thinking when I am ready to get those tires I will just have the tires put on these wheels I am thinking about picking up this Saturday.

Also these wheels have many spikes(say 9/10), not seen on 4 door versions. I don't want to look stupid driving the 4 door with 2 door specialty aluminum wheels on my car. .... I know the 4 door XLE GEN 3/3.5 wheels and they are different.

I don't remember if in 1996 they offered those kind of wheels on the 4 door cars. OR these were optional wheels for 4 cylinder cars ( 14 inch ) but not many bought them... ?

Sorry. I am a big stock guy and I want everything the way my favorite/loving manufacturer intended it to be. Thanks all.
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I would have to see them but like you said the XLE offered alloy wheels on both the 4cyl and 6cyl models. It is also possible that they are specific to a certain region. I know there are wheels taht are available here in the SE taht are not available in other areas and vice versa. Can you get some pictures of them and lets see waht they look like. Maybe someone knows for sure if they are actually factory or regional specific.
GOT A PICTURE................. !!!!


Stock ID: AW69296Size: 14x5.5Type: Call
It is the THIRD wheel from top............. !!!
I am pretty sure taht was an upgrade from Toyota for the 4cyl cars. It is defenitley a Toyota wheel I am pretty sure it was not specific to the coupes. I amy be wrong but I think taht is the case. the others ones are XLE and SE wheels then waht looks like a Gen4 Alloy.

NOw that I see them they may have been specific to the coupe but after looking around on I ahve found one that is not a coupe with those wheels on it.
Cyorke............ thanx.. ur amazing... I am exciting to pick up my wheels this Saturday morning. I will spend the weekend shinning them. Who cares what my wife says.....
Oh wait.. i haven't even told her that I am picking them up....... :D
SHHHHHH dont tell every one quiet!
I couldn't get rav4evr's link to work but I got cyorke's to work. Those are the stock 4 cylinder XLE wheels from the generation 4. I hae them on my 94 XLE. (The XLE 6 cylinder models had 15 inch alloys and look totally different.) They are nice but I must point out they have a textured finish and are a PITA to clean. Just take your time and don't use anything too abrasive. I've found that dish washing liquid and a good towel with some texture to it, but still soft, works best. Also, expect to pay about $40-$45 for each center wheel cover at the dealer. I just replaced one about a month ago. You might want to try a used hubcap place for them if you are lucky enough to find them at one of those places.

PS: I hope you got all the chrome lug nuts with the wheels. 20 of them can be pretty expensive too.

yeah you can also try ebay. I ahve seen lots of center caps for Toyota wheels on there. My brother in law has a 94 V6 XLE and he has priced out center caps for those wheels which are on the same page RAV4 linked. The local hubcap shops here are wanting about 20 bucks a piece for them. I would imagine the 14"XLE wheel is going to be close to the same.
Mike Gerber mentioned Lug nuts and I found out that they will give them to me.

Now they are not taking the old junk tires off. They are charging me 2.5 dollars for each old junk tire on those rims, bringing my total to 80 dollars for all four rims.

The guy told me that "Ashley" who sold me the rims is not a real sales Rep and sold me the rims too cheap and they should be 50 dollars a piece but I can still have them all for 80 dollars WITH tires...... which I didn't want to begin with.

Anyway, I have asked to let me decide until 4pm today whether I want to spend 80 dollars now and about a year down the road when it is time for new tires, I put these rims on and pend another 100 dollars on the center caps (consider I find them at a junkyard or ebay).....

Is it worth it??

My current hubcaps look awesome but having alloy wheels should be nicer.............

I got about 45 minutes left............... to decide.....
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Time is up.. I can't decide......:disappoin :sosad: :eek:: :D ;) :rolleyes: :eek: :ugh3:
still for 80 bucks it sounds like a good deal. You would pay almost that much for one if you went jsut about anywhere else. I think you can probably find the centers for less than 100 bucks also. You jsut may have to do some digging to find them. Since you arent wanting to put them on until you get new tires anyway you should have plenty of time to find hte center caps. Even if you ahve to get one here nad one there.
i had those wheels on my 92 i4 sedan. ill probably sell them to anyone who wants them here, they just need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. centercaps included :D
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