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Frankie got new shoes!

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I know it's not as exciting as wheels and a lift, but I have a baby coming in three weeks. So, I went to the Firestone dealer this morning and I wanted some Firestone Destination A/T's in the 265/75/16. I got a Firestone card for the 10% discount and walked to another store with my wife to kill time. When we got back they told me they accidently sold two of the Destination A/T's so they hooked me up with Bridgestone Dueler A/T's instead! Woo Hoo! All for $460. They make such a huge difference over those crappy 245 series Dunlops. It's a totally different truck on the street now. I haven't taken it out on dirt yet because I wanted to take a nice picture for you guys.

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cool. looks good. iyour next buy should be a color matched grille surround.
very nice. i like the black center'd you do that?
Nice looking low rider............

Marc M
Colored grill surround . . . I know, I wish I could get my hands on one.
Black center caps . . . Black wheel paint from AutoZone. I might do the wheels, or I might not.
Lowrider . . . Yes, that's my baby. Under major construction right now.
I was driving down the freeway (actually my wife was, I was injured) and a plastic container fell off of a fifth wheel and bounced up and WHAMO! It happened like 7 months ago and it drives me nuts.
trusk looks sick, i wish my single cab was that high in the air.

btw is that a 64 impala on the ground!?
looks really good. I agree you need a color matched grill.
samcollett said:
cool. looks good. iyour next buy should be a color matched grille surround.

yes, yes, yes, hell yes---
i have the off road model, and decided to paint my grille emblem last weekend, then as i looked, thought the color matched grill would look good, and let me tell ya, imo, i shudda done this months ago--heres my pic--btw-ordered from for about $180

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s3v3rth3stars said:
trusk looks sick, i wish my single cab was that high in the air.

btw is that a 64 impala on the ground!?
No, it gets mistaken for an Impala all the time. It's actually a 1963 Mercury Marauder. There's only like 2700 of them or so around. It's bagged and four-linked and the frame is about 3/4s of an inch off the ground.
3/4 of an inch off the ground...why so high?????:lol:
you got a couple of nice rides man mad props
Yeah, in my area people seem to collect cars. At my house alone I curently have a 1962 Thunderbird, my 1963 Mercury, a 1965 F250, a 1972 Datsun 240Z, my wife's 2005 Frontier and my 2006 Tacoma. It keeps my busy. Those are just my full scale cars. The insanity continues inside the house.
I had a set of those on the 02 ext cab that I traded for my 06 AC..... I always felt they were the perfect size for all around use......

How do they ride on the truck???? Does it feel taller?

I'm planning on installing that size Destination LE's when the Dunlops wear down a bit. They handle the rain and light off-road like mad.... Last 4 times longer too.

Taller, yes slightly. The biggest difference is the stability. The Dunlops felt like I was driving on a knife's edge. These feel bigger than they are. My steering wheel isn't as darty and it stays straighter in the lanes. It's also quieter believe it or not.
Looks great. Man I wish Toyo would stuff the V6 in that cab style :cool:
so you just put those on the factory rims? before those you had the P245 tires? i'm thinking of doing the same when i get new tires....just making sure what will fit
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