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Well, this is a multi purpose thread. I would like to showcase the evolution of my truck (again because of these dumb new forums) and also to bid farewell to Toyota Nation. I really dislike the new format, and it now takes way too much of my time to navigate all this junk. So, I have made some cool friends, learned some good info, but I left with the old TN. So, with no further delay, Frankie, TN's most infamous Standard Cab:

As an absolute Virgin, the morning I brought her home.

That of course didn't last long. BHLM and blacked out emblem.

Tinted tails, debadged, toolbox, and the sticker that gave my truck a personality.

Finally got some real tires.

But then I had to lift it of course.

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2006 SCPrerunner BSP
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And, after you lift it, you have to go offroading.

And once, you go offroading, you have to go again.

Got a new exhaust done, just to be loud and obnoxious.

Painted my stock grille black.

Bronzed the stock wheels, because spray paint is cheap.

Then I hit a damn dog.

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2006 SCPrerunner BSP
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Got a solid rear window out of Total Chaos' 5-lug project truck.

Then I got her all fixed up pretty.

More offroading.

Got some much better suspension pieces, Allied spindles, TC UCAs and Bilstein 5100s.

New ground clearance is amazing.

Re-did the BHLM, again for the third time.

Bought brock's DMZ spare tire carrier.

Got some new wheels, Konig Coutersteer Offroads.

Bolted down an ammo box for a little offroading toolbox.

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2006 SCPrerunner BSP
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That's pretty much where she stands today. It's a bitchin', fun dual purpose rig. It's really fun offroad:

But still behaves like work truck:

Blown up engines.

Tool box (fully loaded btw) and a washer and dryer.

Mods List:
Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
Allied Motorsports Lift Spindles
Bilstein Adjustable 5100s
Removed Swaybar
TSB leafsprings (Deavers in May)
Bilstein 5100s
1" Cast Iron blocks
265/75/16 Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts
K&N Drop in filter with the "Deckplate Mod"
URD Shortshifter
Magnaflow muffler into custom shortened exhaust
Doug Thorley Header (next week)
Konig Countersteer Bronze Offroads in 16x8"
Black grille surround
Bronze Toyota emblem
Black headlight mod
PIAA Extreme White headlight bulbs
Sylvania Silverstar turnsignal bulbs
Tinted tailights with 2357 bulbs
Custom leather door armrests and center console (DIY sticky!)
Pioneer headunit
600W Amp
10" Sub
Removed all carpet (To be Lizard Skinned and Line-Xed)

Total cost thus far - $4200 approx.

Adios Amigos -
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