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free 2g wagon parts in chicago,il

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As you may know, my 1987 camry 4cyl auto wagon(I called it the rice wagon:D) was recently stolen, so I have decided to give away the extra parts I have lying around. They are as follows:

1 2g wagon trunk plastic luggage compartment tray-this is the thing tht sits on top of the spare tire under the big flap-in good shape, but dusty from sitting around
, both elastics in perfect shape

1 2g camry horn button/pad in blue, sans the little camry sticker- the button is defective, but if you need a blue cover(internals can be swapped), there ya go

1 rear hatch wiper motor and little blue control box-i may have the wiper arm, but dont get your hopes up

1 left rear hatch light bulb change cover in brown-drivers side-the little rectangular plastic cover for the lights in the hatch

I hope somebody can use these parts, so they don't go to the landfill. If you can, please let me know at [email protected]. Local pick up only. Chicago, 60645

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That's right generous of you! :)
Have you gotten a replacement car yet?

No new car yet. I have a tercel as well, but the wagon was like my family's work truck. You could fit sheets of plywood in that bitch! Who knows, it might turn up. But I would have never used these parts anyway,so...

Fucking 2g camry lockcylinders!

Anyway, I dont think we will replace the camry until after I fix that POS acura legend sitting out back. I plan to sell the legend after I fix or replace the motor. Prolly will replace that car with some kind of sporty hatch,like suzuki swift, civic, 323 gtx or maybe a 2g camry sedan. Although i would kill to have a 3rdgen 4cyl 2dr stick. The pimp camry!

Off topic:

Does anyone here have anylinks that show all the bolt patterns and different stock wheels for camrys? I have some later model wheel i though would fit the 2g, but they dont, so I am trying to figure out what car they go to! Thganks
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I'd be all over that rear wiper motor 'cause mine just died, but I'm on the West Coast, so no chance of a pickup. Shame. Guess it's off to the junkyard for me.
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