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Free stereo!

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Damn straight, thanks to my generous aunt I just scored a new, still-in the box never installed Pioneer stereo with a CD player! She wanted to put it in her old '91 Tracer, which kind of went to hell, and now that she has a '95 Chrysler Concorde she has no use for the system.

It's the Pioneer DEH-5... looks like a solid, if slightly dated, unit- but it seems to get decent reviews- I'm not an audiophile so as long as my CD's sound good I'm happy-

It came as a set with two 6x9 speakers, Pioneer TS693P, and 2 Pioneer TS163P 6 1/2" speakers. I dont think they'll fit my car, but since all 4 of my speakers are still OK it's not a huge concern. Now I gotta figure out how to install this new stereo, I'll pick up a wiring harness tomorrow and go from there. I have the Chilton manual, which should make taking the interior trim around the radio out a piece of cake (*he hopes and prays*).

So now the money I earmarked for a stereo can be used for some exhaust work- I want to get a Flowmaster Delta-Flow welded in, nice deep sound and totally unlike a fart can. Or I could be intelligent and save it for textbooks when I go back to school next month:D

Opinions? (On the stereo and how to use the $$$$)

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Wanna sell those pioneer speakers?
^^^ I might... but my dad wants to see if he can get them to work in my sister's Escort. Shitty stock Ford stereo:thumbdown :mad: lol... So I'm not gonna say anything about that just yet-

Hook me up, I need 6x9's for the rear when I get the mdf template made (for rear dash, currently nothing but bare metal)

I'll take the stereo though, can't hurt

I got sony right now, and it sucks
forget book go to and get them there for cheap and sell your old ones back there ..... then spend it on the flow master :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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