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free turbo !!!

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i just got a cool hookup from a guy i know that works at the junk yard and he is giving me a turbo off of a 86-89 Nissan 300 zx and im not planning on going turbo when i decide to upgrade my 4age red top to a 20valve silvertop so im just curious as to what i MUST do to put this thing on my GTS im not planning on getting much boost anyways but i was told that you can run like 5 pounds or sumtain on stock internals i know it might seem dum to slap a turbo and run low boost without upgrading anythiing but if i can get a turbo for free why not what should i do ?
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Get an intercooler and boost timer and all of that stuff.
You could prolly get 6 psi on stock internals.
yea for sure im gunna need a new header,intercooler i can just snatch from a friends DSM what kinda problems would i be facing running the 6 pounds to my engine keep in mind i have 182,xxx miles but she runs strong as hell so im sure i could get away with running sum boost
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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