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Daihatsu Terios 2
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Hi all. I run a Terios (Toyota Rush but 4WD) and while I have pushed her hard when I take down the tracks etc, i think she must be a "friday afternoon" car! I have had no end of trouble with her - KEEPING though - 28,000 miles and already on 3rd wheel bearing front passenger side!
Now having problems with EFI system. OBD2 codes say
0505 Idle Control Syst.MALFUNCTION
01/04 MAF/or VAF A circ. intermittent (doesn't have one!)
02/04 Injector circ. open cyl.4
03/04 Cyl.4 misfire detected
04/04 EGR flow CKT range/performance....

It's doing my head in now as the dealer won't honour warranty because it has " been offroad and modfied"
Well, technically it has NOT been offroad as I only drive the lanes and tracks and you have to be taxed,insured etc to drive on them - they are classed as public highway. And the only "modificatoin" is a home made snorkel/raised air intake. Not what I call proper mods!

Anyone got any ideas?
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