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What I have on programming the Carbine alarm system transmitters.

1. Switch the valet/override switch into the off position.

2. Turn on the ignition.

3. Switch the valet switch on the off two times.
The siren will chirp 1 time. You are now in the transmitter code
programming mode.
The LED will be a solid red.

4. Push the arm/disarm (regular two button, from the diagram) or Lock
button (Code
Hopping, four button, from diagram)

The LED will begin flashing slowly and the horn/siren will emit 1 short
chirp. The code has now been learned.

Note 1: If you are coding a "regular" transmitter go to step 5.
Note 2: If you are coding a "code hopping" transmitter, skip step 5 and 6
and go to step 7. No further coding procedures
are necessary. Code hopping transmitters learn all button
functions when the "lock" button is learned.
Note: 3 You cannot code "regular" and "code hopping" transmitters to the
same security system.

5. To code the #2 button, switch the valet switch on then off 1 time. (the
LED will be solid red and the horn/siren will chirp 1 time.)

6. Push the #2 button. (the LED will begin flashing slowly and the
horn/siren will chirp 2 times.)

7. Turn off the ignition. (the horn/siren will emit 1 short chirp and 1
long chirp. You are now out of the consumer transmitter code learning mode.
The LED is off.

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99 Camry aftermarket remote alarm programming FCC ID: ELV777K

Bryan, I know you posted this 2005 but you solved my problem programming the remote control. Although I bought my 99 Camry new, dealer put an aftermarket alarm system. So to anybody else with FCC ID: ELV777K alarm remote control. Bryan answered our problem to program our remote. Thanks again. I have been google searching for 3 days for this answer. Instuctions works great.
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