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From the ground up.

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Kind of new here, been lurking the forum and picking things up little by little. I have a 1998 VE auto, looking to do autox in it and have some legal fun. Eventually plan on doing a manual tranny swap but would like to start on my suspension first. My friend has a spare set of E30 rims and would like to use them as a track set. The bolt patterns are the same but heard they were hub-centric and wasn't sure if it would work. Also looking into some coilovers and know that Jic and Ksport make them for us. Anybody know who else would make them? Thanks in advance, this forum is pretty amazing btw.
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Ground Controls + Koni Yellow inserts (save your stock struts)

Tein and Cusco are also reputable brands that make coilovers.
Thanks PhatRoyale. Have you used this setup before? And how hard is it to install those koni yellows, saw the install pdf and it talks about draining and cutting the stock strut.
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