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front coils

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I have noticed the front end of my 06 sitting a little lower than when I bought it.I went out to the garage to put up some tools and looked at the front springs.The passenger side top two coils have collapsed and are touching each othere.The driver side are almost there.The truck has 1,100 miles on it.Stock bumper,no winch or heavy brush guard.What gives?It has the trd package that I thought had even stiifer coils on the front.I like the way it rides but this is crazy.Compared to some stock ones I have seen mine is sitting about two inches lower than theirs.From the ground to the fender lip it measures 23 1/2 inches on one side.The driver side measures 23 inches.Has anyone else had this happen.I would like to know so I can mention it to the idiot in the service dept when I waste a day off taking it back. I figured I would get at least 75,000 or so before they got weak.My 02 which has the weak leaf springs didnt sag untill 22,000 miles of hauling a camper shell.The front coils didnt sag at all till I put an arb bumper and warn winch on it which is understandable.Im glad I kept the 02.Its built like a tank compared to this one.At the very least I thought I would get a little use out of it before the springs begin to sag.
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